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Find all of the latest Peder Eide wearables here!

Graphic God Is Good Shirt

God Is Good All The Time!

As Is T-shirt
As Is!  is stamped on the front of this popular shirt in random places- it truly comes "As Is".
Song lyrics printed on the back of the shirt.

Rescue T-shirt
Remind others to come to the Rescue with our new t-shirt!
Charcoal gray t-shirt with RESCUE logo on the front.
Back of t-shirt says:
     come to the
As Is Shirt/Baseball Style/White with Red Sleeves
Back of shirt reads:

Moses was a stutterer
David was a murderer
Jeremiah suicidal
Naked in the street
Paul, he had a problem
The specifics left unsaid
Timothy had stomach aches
And Lazarus was dead

Samson was a long-haired
Arrongant womanizer
Rahab was scarlet corded
Lady of the street
John the Baptist eatin'
Bugs and honey on his bread
Gideon a scaredy cat
And Lazarus was dead
As is
As is
He chooses us as His
As His
As His
Infuses us as is
With never ending
Love transcending
All our weakness
No excuses
He uses us as is

Noah was a drunk man
Abraham an old man
Jacob was a liar man
Leah second best
Jonah should have followed God
But ran away instead
Martha was a worrywart
And Lazarus was dead.

Eide Tune Hoodies
 "Eide" better get one for the cold weather!
Peder Eide Shirt
Still I Belong long sleeve t-shirts.  Meep!
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