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What People Say...

We could tell you what we think, but it is more important to hear what you think.  If you would like to tell us how the ministry of
Peder Eide has affected you, please submit a quote

"Taste Worship was an incredible evening for families. We sang, we hugged, we laughed, and we left knowing that God needs to be in the center of our relationships. Peder Eide is a gift to the church! God is using him to help families be families. An amazing resource for every church that has a passion for Youth and Family Ministry."
Cheryl Griess, Rejoice Lutheran Church
Omaha, Nebraska

"What a great idea for ministry! As a parent of three and someone who ministers to families throughout the nation, I believe Taste Worship events are much needed by parents and teens alike."
Mac Powell, Third Day

"The combination of your music, movie clips, teaching, and family talk time broke down barriers between kids and parents, allowing for them to really connect in ways most families don't these days. It allowed a sacred time for them to talk about practical ways to grow their family's worship life. Every family came away with a new sense of what we were made for and a broader sense of what it means to worship our God. I would recommend Taste Worship to any church who wants to be blessed in a big way! Blessings on your ministry as you live out the Gospel."
Amy Kippen
West Fargo, North Dakota

"This is the first event I've seen that reaches deep into the hearts of the whole family." Executive Director of Children and Youth Ministries, Hosanna! Lutheran Church
Dean Swenson
Lakeville, Minnesota

"Taste Worship opened doors of communication with my 16 year old son. When we got home, I asked him what he thought of the program. "It was great" he said with a hearty smile on his face. "I loved the words" he said and I had tears in my eyes. This was an opportunity for dialogue. I wanted you to know that you made a difference in our lives and were very entertaining too. Thank you!"
Barb Spilde
Ada, Minnesota

"We really enjoyed Taste Worship! It was a great time as a family to learn new ways to worship. The afternoon was very worshipful and fun. We were standing together as a family and Peder had the kids put their hands on the parents shoulders as they sang, "Abba I Belong To You." I couldn't hear my son singing, so I turned to him and saw tears running down his cheeks! How powerful! This boy was moved to tears in worship to our Amazing God! What a sweet, sweet taste of worship that was. "
Laurie Schipper
Holland, Michigan

"Taste Worship was an awesome experience for our family. The message and music was incredible. Our 12 year old didn't really know what to expect about Taste Worship, but he was so excited about it and said it was awesome. It helped us all really connect as a family in worship and showed us the importance of God being the center of all our our relationships. We would definitely go to another Taste Worship event, it was very eye opening for us all!"
Dan and Julie Windemuller
Holland, Michigan

"The Taste Worship experience is a remarkable opportunity for families. This unique event holds up the art of sharing the faith within the home. Through exciting presentation, meaningful conversation and teaching, and fun worship all participants walk away affirmed in their relationship with Christ, and closer to the people they came with. As a youth leader, I am more than happy to take a "back seat" while parents and their children experience worship together. I love what I do, but I know that the influence of a grounded family of faith will truly last forever. I sat at the back of the crowd and watched with tears in my eyes as I saw families and friends lovingly share hugs, and lift up prayers for one another. This is what youth ministry is really about!"

Allison Van Roekel, Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator
Omaha, Nebraska

taste and see the Lord is good...
Taste Worship

"That was awesome! My family will now have a deeper meaning of worship."

"We have already begun a ton of new traditions. And our Blessing Cup is FULL!"

"That was the most excited my 7th grader has ever been after worship. WOW!"

Taste Worship Attendees