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"I have one of the greatest jobs in the world!" says singer/songwriter/speaker Peder Eide (pronounced "I'd") For nearly 1/3 of his life he has led Christ-centered praise and worship for youth conferences, festivals, camps, churches and any other venues students and their families have gathered. His passion filled and creative approach to helping his audience "draw closer to God and closer together" through worship and experience been called "refreshing" and "heartfelt". It's more than just being a great musician or speaker. For Peder it's about being an effective communicator

In conjunction with the theme of his latest CD releases, TASTE AND SEE and SEE THE BLUE, Peder felt God calling him to a risky but heartfelt mission to unite moms and dads and brothers and sisters in one setting where they could "TASTE WORSHIP" together. Through this exciting new ministry, families are exposed to the power of praying with and for one another. They are given with worship "ingredients" they mix into their lives, guiding them into a lifestyle of worship. This has proven to be wildly effective on a spiritual level, but equally fun and rewarding for families to grow in their bond together.

"I had always helped young people worship vertically, but I came to the realization that there is a missing horizontal connection they are not getting," "Churches, in order to meet everyone's needs, offer worship in different styles for different age groups. Although this is important, it can sometimes there can be an unintentional separation between generations; kids in one place and adults in another. I want to help families worship more than just on Sunday mornings. My vision is to encourage their connection with Jesus while at the same time engaging with one another in worship at home, work, school, and on vacation. This is in addition to their regular Sunday worship."

Every December, Peder presents his extremely popular Christmas Tour. His latest, critically acclaimed Christmas release, PERFECT SURPRISE, was selected by The USA TODAY as one of its featured holiday selections and the single "Why Wouldn't I", has become a feature song with ministries and families involved in adoption and orphan care.

Numerous ministry groups continue to welcome Peder as part of their events in addition to the wide the variety of church denominations that he has ministered to through concerts and worship services.

Over the past several years, Peder has received consistent airplay and support from over 200 radio stations across the country. He's had several songs chart on the National Inspirational Charts including his Top 10 single "Roll the Stone Away." Peder's music has connected with radio programmers and listeners alike because of his passion and heart for the Lord that is so well communicated through each song.

As an active artist/spokesperson for Compassion International, Peder is humbled to have seen thousands of third world children sponsored through his ministry. He has also experienced the joy of his own family sponsoring many children.

Peder, along with his wonderful wife Sherri, have further invested in the needs children by internationally adopting two beautiful kids of their own, Makenzie and Teshome. Combined with their three biological treasures Taylor, Allison, and Ethan, the Eide's have uniquely tasted worship together and have truly seen the goodness of the Lord.

While the window of opportunity may be running out on his dreams of the PGA tour, you might find Peder keeping hope alive out on a golf course near you. Otherwise, much of his spare time is spent dating his wife, coaching his kids sports teams, going on their field trips, or jamming with them as they play their own instruments in the basement "concert hall" all in the hopes of modeling the sort of spouse and parent he hopes his blessed family will replicate.

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